solution for hospitality



Schedule all activities in one place. Your guests can view their schedules directly in the calendar.


Offer all your services in one place, each bookable with just a single tap.


Promote special offers, events and other benefits. Our intelligent system helps you upsell by storing the preferences of your guests.

Safe  and simple

Ready-made solution

Our comprehensive solution streamlines communication between guests, staff and management.

We value your privacy

No cameras, and microphones that activate only during calls. Our devices deliver the privacy and security your guests expect, and they are ready for use in seconds.

Easier for both sides
- you and your guest

Improve your staff efficiency

Did your maintenance staff discover a burnt-out bulb in the room while cleaning? They can order a new one with just one tap. No more unnecessary calls and no more delays.

Network friendly

Coordinate services and schedules with nearby partners, including restaurants, bars and cafes.

Hotel Solution of the Year 2019

Hotel 360 & Hospitality Design Show
London, United Kingdom

Smart Label 2019 - Host innovation Award

Milan, Italy

All-In-One Hospitality Solution


Built on a robust enterprise-level communication platform that lets you connect with clients via telephony, social media, email and much more.

Simple Installation

Just plug it in - no complicated installation is necessary.

Orders & Reservations

Place orders and make reservations right from the device.

You and your guests can enjoy a good night’s sleep, while we take care of the rest.

Guestaria pays for itself in the guest’s first order


Higher demand for hotel services

Cooperation with partners

More efficient processes

Just pay once for installation, and then a convenient monthly subscription.

The best part? Our solution pays for itself with the first dinner ordered by your guest.

From this point,
it's all gains.

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