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No, there is no need for a PBX. In fact, Guestaria has built-in enterprise level telephony features used in large telecommunication carriers and call centers. You can replace your PBX with Gueastaria and have all your telephony needs covered. However, should you decide to keep your current PBX, it will work with Guestaria as well.

Yes, not only can you replace any unsightly hardware phones with Guestaria, but you can also adjust the style, color or size of the touch-screen device for an extra fee.

You can, Guestaria has a Housekeeping mode that helps you keep track of staff whereabouts and productivity. The staff can confirm through the device that a room has been cleaned or report a broken light, which directly appears as a task for the maintenance team.

Guestaria uses as its backend the Spinoco Application, which is a simple yet powerful tool to manage different communication channels. Thanks to it, you can not only communicate with clients who are currently in your guest rooms, but you can also reach out to your previous visitors and encourage them to come back. Apart from telephony, you can also use the features of email, SMS, Messenger, and many more.

Guestaria can be integrated with all major PMS providers. Usually, support for new PMS integrations can be added as part of a custom solution.

Guestaria requires stable and fully operational internet connectivity. Most commonly, this is achieved with the WiFi already present in guest rooms. However, there is an option to use a 4G service that comes with a plan (SIM card) to provide internet service for Guestaria. Should you have internet cables available in your rooms, that may be used for Guestaria, as well.

Yes, keeping all information up-to-date is very easy, you can upload your own text and images via our simple interface on any computer. New content can then be shown to your guests immediately or whenever you choose.

Yes, they work perfectly well. We will provide you with an adapter that is to be located where your wires from analogue telephones end (typically where you have your PBX now), and you are all set.

There is no limit, you can supply the content in any language you want, and Guestaria will choose the right language based on the nationality of the guest.

The screen is on when the guest comes into the room after check-in. Apart from that, it turns on when detecting a movement in front of the device. After a pre-defined time period it turns off.

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